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What is the Maximum Number of Hair Grafts that can be Used for Each Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is a clinically-approved, long-term solution for thinning hair and baldness, effectively restoring a good-looking appearance and boosting confidence. In hair transplant procedures, the term 'graft' is often used. Today, we will explain what a graft is and what the maximum number of grafts that can be used for each hair transplantation.

What is “graft”?

In the hair transplant process, a graft refers to a cluster of hair that the doctor uses for transplantation. Normally, a single follicle consists of 1-4 hair strands, and the follicle that is transplanted is medically referred to as a “graft.” On average, a graft contains 2 hair strands. We can classify grafts based on the number of hair follicle cells and hair strands contained in each graft as follows:

  • One-hair graft: consists of 1 hair follicle cell and 1 hair strand
  • Two-hair graft: consists of 2 hair follicle cells and 2 hair strands
  • Three-hair graft: consists of 3 hair follicle cells and 3 hair strands
  • Four-hair graft: consists of 4 hair follicle cells and 4 hair strands

Where can hair grafts be extracted?

Ideally, we prefer to use hair grafts or hair follicle cells from the occipital area for hair transplant, as they are permanent hair cells that can provide a more natural look after transplantation. However, we can also use hair grafts from other parts of the body, such as the mustache, beard, eyebrows, and pubis. Although this is an option, the results may not look very natural and, therefore, are not very popular.

How many hair grafts can we use for each hair transplantation?

The maximum number of hair grafts that can be used for a single hair transplantation is between 3,000 – 4,000 grafts. However, when considering safety, using a large number of hair grafts is not recommended, as hair transplant procedures require the use of anesthetics. Using too many grafts can prolong the treatment time, potentially leading to side effects from anesthetic overdose. Therefore, the optimal number of hair grafts for a single hair transplant should not exceed 2,500 – 3,000 grafts.

How can we know the right number of hair grafts?

The number of grafts needed for a hair transplant depends on various factors, such as the part of the scalp, the size of the treated area and the number of hair grafts that can actually be transplanted. One can estimate the required number of grafts based on the size of the area that needs to be treated. For example, the front of the head typically needs around 50 grafts per square centimeter, whereas the top of the head requires about 30-50 grafts per square centimeter.

While hair transplant is an effective solution for thinning hair and baldness, an inaccurate number of hair grafts resulting from various errors can lead to unsatisfactory results. Therefore, it is recommended to have an expert doctor evaluate and determine the appropriate number of hair grafts based on individual needs. This will ensure that the hair transplant looks as natural as possible.

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