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Cell Plus Therapy

Best hair restoration without surgery

Cell therapy is the giant leap in hair restoration technology everyone has been waiting for. In the past few years, you may have heard of the Cell Plus technology and how it has revolutionized the way hair loss is treated, which at Bangkok Hair Clinic, we have acquired this innovative technology to treat our patients for the best results.

Patient results 4 months after treatment with Cell Plus Therapy

What is Cell Plus

Cell Plus technology is the newest addition to the limited hair restoration techniques available in modern medicine. Cell Plus uses the science of ‘cellular therapy’, which is the transfer of healthy, live cells into a patient’s body to help lessen or cure a disease. Over the past decade, cellular therapy has been effectively used in many other medical fields including haematology, oncology, and regenerative medicine. In hair restoration, intact skin, fat, and root hair cells are injected into the scalp to stimulate growth, repair, and duplication of existing hair follicles. The result is a globally rejuvenated head of hair that is denser and thicker than before. As Cell Plus consistently shows significant effectiveness in research, its application in hair restoration has become commercially available device at selected clinics in Thailand in the form of the Rigenera device.

How does Cell Plus work

Cell Plus is produced using your own cells and a special device called the Rigenera Hair Micrograft. It works on the root cause of your hair loss by supporting and replacing weak, degenerating cells with new, healthy cells from the permanent hair zone. These healthy cells share active biological molecules and energy (in the form of ATP) with the weaker cells to restore them.

  • Increase number of hairs in existing follicles
  • Thicker hair shafts
  • Denser appearance seen as early as 45-90 days after 
  • Effective in men and women of all ages
  • Can be used in combination with other hair restoration techniques

How is Cell Plus created

  • Hair evaluation by our doctor to determine suitability for Cell Plus
  • Removal of hair cells from the back of the head
  • Micrografting and cell separation 
  • Injection of live, healthy cells into the concerned area

How long does Cell Plus last

The hairs restored using Cell Plus will remain as long as the rest of your natural hair. The procedure must be done once every 1-2 years to maintain results.

Who is suitable for Cell Plus

Cell Plus is suitable for men and women of all ages. It is a technique developed to resolve patients suffering from hair loss or thinning hair. Patients with the following features will greatly benefit from Cell Plus:

  • Global hair loss
  • Thin, friable hair
  • Thinning crown
  • Flat, lifeless hair
  • Not suitable for hair transplantation
  • Do not want to take medication

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