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Eyebrow Transplantation (EBT)

Frame your face

Eyebrows are the crown of the face and eyebrow transplantation can create a cosmetically beautiful, permanent appearance for patients suffering from thinning eyebrows.  Eyebrow transplantation at Bangkok Hair Clinic is performed much like hair transplantation but takes only 2-3 hours to complete. Strong, single, permanent hair follicles are chosen from the donor area and is implanted in the eyebrow area, blending seamlessly with the patient’s natural brow. This is a highly artistic procedure, and each brow is designed individually to achieve a natural appearance, density, and angle for a beyond satisfactory result. Eyebrow transplantation requires fewer hair follicles but a much higher degree of precision and artistry, which is our focus at Bangkok Hair Clinic. 

Eyebrow Transplantation (EBT) procedure:

Why have Eyebrow Transplantation (EBT) at Bangkok Hair Clinic

Our surgeons specialize in crafting the perfect brow for every individual. We use single hair follicles to imitate the fine appearance of a natural brow and implant them at the precise direction and angle to ensure that it blends beautifully with your brow. At Bangkok Hair Clinic, we use smaller follicular punches and a technique to hide wounds of transplantation to ensure a fast recovery. With these techniques, patients can witness instant results after their surgery and can show their brows off within a few weeks. In only 2-3 hours, you can have a permanent, denser eyebrow!

How long does Eyebrow Transplantation (EBT) take

The total time to create your permanent eyebrows is approximately 2-3 hours. After the procedure, the implanted hairs will continue to grow for 2-3weeks before falling off as part of their life cycle. New hairs will grow afterwards and will remain there permanently.

How long will my transplanted eyebrow grow

The hairs implanted into your eyebrows during Eyebrow Transplantation (EBT) will behave like your natural hair and grow longer than the rest of your natural brow. You will have to trim or cut these hairs as they grow out just like your hair.

Is Eyebrow Transplantation (EBT) safe

Eyebrow Transplantation is a minor operation and is considered safer than hair transplantation. The procedure is done very quickly with extremely few complications or side effects.

Pre-procedural instruction before Eyebrow Transplantation (EBT):

Avoid shellfish, fermented foods, and alcoholic beverages 1 week prior to the procedure

Stop oral medication, vitamins or supplements that affect blood coagulation (e.g. blood thinners, Vitamin C) 2 weeks to 1 month prior to the procedure. Please ask if you are unsure.

Avoid curling, perming or colouring your hair 1 month prior to the procedure

Avoid smoking cigarettes at least 2 weeks prior to the procedure

Ensure plenty of rest the night before

Drink lots of water

No tea or coffee on the day of the procedure

Wear a buttoned shirt on the day of the procedure

Post-procedural instruction after Eyebrow Transplantation (EBT):

No rubbing, scrubbing, scratching or the transplanted area for 2 weeks

Do not bend down below your waist area

Avoid direct sunlight for 2 weeks

Avoid consuming alcohol or smoking for at least 1 week

You may go for a short walk or carry out gentle exercise that do not cause sweating.

Please eat foods that are rich in nutrients including proteins, fibres and vitamins and minerals. Do not try to follow any strict diet regimen.

Take oral medication as prescribed by our doctors

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