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Bangkok Hair Clinic

Who Are We?

Bangkok Hair Clinic (BHC) is Bangkok’s premium hair transplant centre that specialises in all aspects of hair growth, providing patients with the most comprehensive follicular care in Thailand.

Located in the heart of Sukhumvit, we provide a one-stop complete care service dedicated for male and female patients suffering from hair-loss, thinning hair, or receding hair-line

Our surgeons are internationally trained and have years of experience in this specialty, with each nurse and technician personally supervised by Dr. Jate Jatechayanon and Dr. Jirayu Jatechayanon

What We Do?

Bangkok Hair Clinic creates natural-looking hair for you through expert matching of your facial structure and existing hair line to produce a dense,
natural appearance that will surprise your friends and family.

Our hair transplant packages are tailored to each patient for the best results.
These include the widely popular and established methods of hair restoration like:

As well as other innovative methods like mesotherapy and bio-adjuvant therapies. With our years of experience,
we can match patients with their most suitable treatments to provide satisfying and long-lasting outcome.

Our Goal

Our goal at Bangkok Hair Clinic is to provide patients with the best results with the least amount of pain, in a seamless experience at Bangkok’s most premium transplant centre. To do this, our doctors have designed the clinic with the ‘patient’s experience’ as the number one priority and have optimized the procedure to ensure patients are relaxed before, during and after the procedure. Our obsession is in the detail of our work and this can be easily seen in the life-changing results and compliments of our patients.

Why have your procedure at Bangkok Hair Clinic?

  • Learning to innovate is in our DNA and better yet in the very follicles of our hair. Every patient gifts us with a stimulating learning curve and there is no better teacher than the cases we face everyday.
  • Attending doctors at Bangkok Hair Clinic are always up-to-date on the newest innovation of hair restoration and are members of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) as well as the Asian Association of Hair Restoration (AAHRS), and World FUE Institute (WFI).
  • Some of our highlights are:

Only the strongest follicles from the permanent hair zone are selected

Our doctors use specialized equipment to extract each of your follicles one at a time, selecting only the strongest ones. With their expert skills, our doctors only use 0.6-0.8mm size punches leaving the smallest wound possible.

Micrografting is the use of microscopes to ‘trim’ down (microscopic dissection) and remove excess skin cells that are not needed for the transplant. Through this process, we can implant more follicles within a given area and the incision wounds are smaller. As the follicles remain intact and healthy, a more dense, natural result is created.

As hair transplant surgeons, one of our most sacred principle is time management. The longer the grafts remain outside the body, the poorer their survival through the procedure. We use specially designed plates to organize and store grafts such that the first grafts removed are the first ones to be implanted, minimizing the out-of-body time.

Our doctors at Bangkok Hair Clinic specifically designed a mixture of imported graft holding solutions that provide hair grafts with the necessary nutrients and oxygen while they are outside the body. Using this solution, grafts have significantly increased viability when compared to normal saline solution.


Learn More About Us

We are delighted by your interest in our clinic and would love to tell you more about our expertise.
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