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What is LLLT? | Is It a Possible Treatment for Hair Loss?

Concerns about hair loss, thinning hair, and baldness often arise among people, as they can significantly impact their appearance and confidence. Over time, there have been numerous attempts to develop medications and hair transplant techniques, which have significantly advanced in recent years and can now produce satisfactory results. Apart from the commonly known surgical hair transplantation, not many people are aware that a laser technique called LLLT is also a viable option to address hair loss and thinning. Let's delve into what LLLT is and whether it can effectively stop hair loss.

What is LLLT?

         LLLT  which stands for Low-Level Laser Therapy, is a hair transplant method that uses laser beams emitting light at low frequencies ranging from 630 to 660 nm. This generated energy stimulates weak or damaged follicle cells, making them stronger and able to divide more cells, thus reducing hair loss and making hair look thicker. In some cases, LLLT can also accelerate hair growth after hair transplant surgery. This safe and non-surgical technique can provide satisfactory results with very few side effects. However, to achieve the best results, LLLT should be performed in conjunction with other treatment methods.

How can LLLT halt hair loss?

Low-Level Laser Therapy can prevent and cure hair loss and baldness through these following mechanisms:

 1. Reduce the atrophy of follicle cells

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), produced by testosterone, is a key factor in hair follicle atrophy. This often results in smaller, brittle hair strands that are prone to falling out and can lead to significant hair loss and thinning across the scalp. However, LLLT can help inhibit the atrophy of hair follicles, which can reduce hair loss problems.

2. Stimulate the function of follicle cells

The LLLT laser beams, with a wavelength range of 630-660 nm, are not only harmless but also naturally stimulate the function of hair follicle cells. This leads to improved blood circulation in the targeted area of the scalp, which strengthens hair strands and promotes new hair growth. LLLT is both a preventive and therapeutic method that can restore thicker and healthier hair.

3. Strengthen hair follicles from the inside out

Low-Level Laser Therapy helps increase the amount of mitochondria in follicle cells, which in turn boosts energy production and helps weak cells become stronger. With healthier hair follicles, hair loss is reduced and new hair growth is accelerated, resulting in thicker and stronger hair from the inside out.

Low-Level Laser Therapy is an effective hair loss treatment, but it’s important to have your doctor evaluate and determine the best treatment method for you to achieve optimal results. If you’re interested in LLLT or other hair transplant methods, we invite you to seek the advice of the specialists at Bangkok Hair Clinic. Our team can provide personalized solutions to address your specific hair concerns.

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