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5 Warning Signs of Balding

Baldness is a common concern that often causes uneasiness for people. Hair loss, thinning hair, and baldness can happen to anyone for various reasons, including genetics, drug allergies, hormonal imbalances, and immune disorders. However, baldness doesn't happen instantaneously, as its early signs can often be detected in advance. Today, we'll introduce five warning signs of balding so that we can find a way to cope before it's too late.

1. Have excessive hair loss

We have approximately 100,000 hair strands on our scalp, and typically, we lose around 50-100 of them per day, which we may notice on the floor or on our pillow. Although experiencing hair loss, new hair will naturally grow to replace it. Anyway, if we lose more than the normal range of 50-100 hairs per day – according to research, exceeding 200 hairs per day – it is considered an abnormal condition. In reality, it may be impossible to precisely count the amount of hair loss, so if you experience remarkably excessive hair loss or thinning in any part of the scalp, it is important to seek help from a doctor.

2. The hairline has moved to the back

Another warning sign of baldness is when the hairline begins to move or recede backwards, giving the appearance of a lifted forehead. This sign can be observed in the mirror while combing your hair or noticed by others. If this sign becomes noticeable, it is recommended that you undergo a hair problem assessment in order to prevent baldness in the future.

3. More visible gaps in hair partings

If you prefer to part your hair in the middle or on the side, it is important to pay attention to your hair partings and notice if they look as dense as usual. As hair loss becomes more severe, you may notice more spacing or gaps between hair partings, and it becomes even more concerning if the scalp is visible through the hair. If you notice this unusual sign, it is recommended that you visit a doctor to explore hair problem solutions.

4. The scalp becomes more oily

Please note that having more sebum on the scalp is not a direct cause of baldness, yet it is a related factor. When the scalp is oily, dirt can clog the pores, resulting in inflammation in any part of the scalp. This can lead to hair loss spreading across the head and eventually resulting in baldness.

5. Your change is noticeable (by a friend or a barber)

Each of the four warning signs mentioned above may require your own observation, which can sometimes be overlooked, especially thinning hair in the middle of the head. However, if a friend remarks that your forehead looks lifted up or your hair is getting thin, it is clear that you are approaching baldness, which even acquaintances familiar with you can notice. If you have been told something like this, it is recommended that you promptly seek a solution for your hair problem.

Early treatment of hair loss can help to halt the problem before it progresses to baldness. Therefore, it is recommended to observe these 5 warning signs in order to cope with balding from the beginning. If you are experiencing hair loss, it is important to see a doctor for advice and assessment to find a personalized and suitable treatment method for your concern.

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