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Valuable Tips for Positive Hair Feng Shui

In the quest for luck, prosperity, and success, many turn to the ancient art of feng shui. But did you know this practice extends beyond designing architecture, arranging furniture, and strategically placing trinkets? Feng shui for hairstyles is gaining popularity as a way to align your energy and create balance in various aspects of your life.

We’ll enhance your understanding of feng shui as it applies to hairstyles. Many of our patients ask us about feng shui when they come to us for a hair transplantation or the nourishment and revitalizing services we offer at Bangkok Hair Clinic. We’re a full-service hair loss clinic in Bangkok that understands our patients want to achieve the best luck and success.

Understanding the 5 Elements of Feng Shui

Feng shui revolves around the five elements: fire, earth, water, metal, and wood. Each element represents specific qualities and energies that can influence a person’s chi or life force. Understanding how these elements interact is crucial in achieving balance and harmony.

  • Fire: Associated with passion and energy.
  • Earth: Symbolizing stability and grounding.
  • Water: Representing adaptability and flow.
  • Metal: Linked to precision and clarity.
  • Wood: Signifying growth and vitality.

These elements also have colors and shapes associated with them, and they have a bearing on the feng shui within the context of hairstyles.


Fire is associated with the warm and hot colors of red, orange, purple, and pink. The shapes associated with this element are sharp-angled shapes, like triangles of all sorts.


Earth is represented by brown, yellow, tan, and beige. The shapes of this element are rectangles and squares.


Wavy hairstyles represent water

Water is illustrated with all of the blue spectra of colors, including dark blue, light blue, indigo, and aqua, and also by black. Its shapes represent water in waves, curves, and irregular forms denoting movement.


Metal is associated with all metallic colors, including white, gray, copper, silver and gold. The associated shapes are round and oval forms.


Wood is represented by all the colors of the forest—browns, olives, dark greens and light greens. The element’s shapes are tall rectangles and cylinders.

How to Find Your Birth Element

Your element is a combination your birth season, your animal sign, and your personality type.

Birth Seasons

  • Fire – Summer
  • Earth – Late summer
  • Water – Winter
  • Metal – Autumn
  • Wood – Spring

Animal Signs

  • Fire – Snake, horse
  • Earth – Ox, dragon, sheep, dog
  • Water – Rat, pig
  • Metal – Monkey, rooster
  • Wood – Tiger, rabbit

Personality Types

  • Fire – Energetic, passionate, talkative, and fun-loving
  • Earth – Stable, grounded and reliable
  • Water – Cool, calm and collected
  • Metal – Logical, scientific, and tend to be planners or designers
  • Wood – Brave, impulsive, action-takers with a lot of energy

Tips for Hair Feng Shui

Your chi, or energy, is influenced by the balance or imbalance of these elements, colors and shapes. When applied to hair, the right cut and color can be said to enhance positive energies and reduce or eliminate negative ones, ultimately affecting your overall well-being.

Fire Element

  • Haircut: Choose bold and lively styles that reflect your vibrant personality.
  • Color: Fiery reds, auburn, and warm tones promote passion and energy.

Earth Element

  • Haircut: Ground yourself with styles that exude stability, such as soft, layered cuts.
  • Color: Earthy tones like browns, light browns, and dark blondes enhance stability.

Water Element

Haircut: Embrace flowing, free-spirited styles.
Color: Cool blues and deep blacks enhance adaptability and flow.

Metal Element

  • Haircut: Precision cuts and sleek styles showcase clarity.
  • Color: Metallic shades or cool, silver tones promote precision.

Wood Element

  • Haircut: Choose styles that exude growth and vitality, like layered or textured cuts.
  • Color: Brunettes and fresh, natural tones enhance the wood element.

Bangkok Hair Clinic: Your Partner in Achieving Hair Harmony

If hair loss is preventing you from gaining positive feng shui, Bangkok Hair Clinic in Bangkok is here to help. With a team of experienced doctors and professionals and cutting-edge technology, our clinic offers effective treatments to address hair loss concerns.

We offer a range of treatments, including FUE shaven and non-shaven hair transplants, Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) or FUE with implanter transplants, and permanent eyebrow transplants. We also provide Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) injections, Cell Plus innovative cell injection therapy, and Low-level Laser therapy (LLLT).

Discover effective hair loss treatments at Bangkok Hair Clinic to create harmony and balance by achieving positive feng shui with your hairstyle. Schedule an appointment today.

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