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The Link Between Lack Of Nutrition And Hair Loss

While striving for that desired waistline through calorie restriction or specific diets, we might unintentionally compromise our hair’s luster, strength, and vitality.

The hair bulb, a critical component of the hair follicle responsible for hair production, features cells with a remarkably fast turnover. This rapid cycle of growth and replacement makes the hair vulnerable to shortages in protein and calories, essential nutrients that the follicles require for continuous growth and proper functioning.

Due to this, hair loss is highly interconnected with a lack of nutrition, as these shortages can disrupt the follicles’ ability to sustain hair growth and health.

Our blog explores the effects of nutrient deprivation on hair and how you can reverse this with the help of a balanced diet and additional treatments.

The Unseen Cost of Dieting on Hair Health

Dieting, especially those regimes that impose severe calorie restrictions or eliminate entire food groups, can often lead to significant nutrient deficiencies. Hair, like any other part of the body, requires a diverse range of proteins, vitamins, and minerals to grow and remain healthy. Unfortunately, our hair is one of the first areas to suffer from the effects of nutrient deprivation.

Understanding The Building Blocks of Hair

Hair is primarily made of protein, so inadequate protein intake can lead to weak, brittle hair and even hair loss. Additionally, iron and zinc are critical for hair growth and repair. Iron helps red blood cells carry oxygen to hair follicles, essential for healthy hair growth. Zinc, on the other hand, plays a crucial role in hair tissue growth and repair. Similarly, Vitamin D is vital for new hair follicle creation.

Vitamins A, C, E, and B, particularly biotin (vitamin B7), are also essential for healthy hair. These vitamins support scalp health, produce hair oil for keeping hair healthy and shiny, and aid in creating new hair follicles. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are crucial as they prevent hair loss, promote hair density, and potentially enhance hair growth.

Lack of two or more of these nutrients can lead to severe thinning or be the cause of long-term hair loss.

Effects Of Nutrient Deprivation On Hair

One of the most significant effects of nutrition deprivation is hair loss, as the lack of essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals disrupts the natural hair growth cycle, increasing hair shedding and thinning. This is often attributed to deficiencies in important nutrients such as iron, zinc, vitamin D, and specific B vitamins, which are vital for fostering healthy hair growth.

Additionally, the effects of nutrient deprivation can lead to brittle hair, making it more prone to breakage. This brittleness results from insufficient intake of proteins, fatty acids, and vitamins A and E, which play crucial roles in maintaining hair strength and moisture.

Supplementing Your Diet for Hair Health

Fortunately, incorporating various nutrient-rich foods into your diet can counteract the adverse effects of previous dietary restrictions. Here’s a quick guide to the best foods to reduce hair loss:

  • Protein-rich foods: Eggs, fish, lean meats, and legumes.
  • Iron-packed choices: Spinach, lentils, and red meat.
  • Zinc sources: Pumpkin seeds, oysters, and peanuts.
  • Vitamin D options: Fatty fish, fortified foods, and sunshine.
  • For B vitamins and antioxidants: Whole grains, almonds, and dark leafy vegetables.

In addition to nutrients, nourishing your hair from the outside with nutrient-rich natural oils, protein treatments, hair masks, or getting head massages to stimulate blood flow is also an important checklist.

Advanced Hair Revitalization Treatments at Bangkok Hair Clinic

A nutrient-dense diet is essential for hair vitality, but for those facing challenges beyond dietary control, such as genetic, hormonal, or health-related issues, it might not be enough.

Bangkok Hair Clinic is one of the leading clinics in Thailand, offering state-of-the-art hair restoration technology, personalized treatments, and compassionate service to revitalize and enrich your hair. Located centrally in the Sukhumvit area, we offer a complete range of services for male and female patients struggling with hair loss, thinning hair, or receding hairlines. Our surgeons are globally trained and have a wealth of experience in their specialty.

Let’s explore some of our treatment options.

PRP Therapy at Bangkok Hair Clinic

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a unique method for restoring hair that uses powerful growth factors from your own blood. We collect platelets and concentrate them to more than four times the average amount, which boosts hair growth and helps strengthen weak hair follicles. Our clinic uses the newest PRP technology from Korea to concentrate growth factors at 12-17 times higher than what’s generally in your blood – the highest concentration available on the market. This process strengthens hair follicles and makes hair thicker, leading to fuller and more natural-looking hair.

Cell Plus Therapy

Cell Plus technology is the latest breakthrough in modern medicine’s hair restoration options. It employs ‘cellular therapy,’ a process where healthy, live cells are transferred into a person’s body to fight or heal a disease. For hair restoration, this means injecting healthy skin, fat, and root hair cells directly into the scalp to encourage growth, repair, and the reproduction of hair follicles. The outcome is a fuller and thicker head of hair, giving an overall rejuvenated appearance.

Take the First Step Towards Lustrous Hair

If you’re noticing hair loss and suspect it’s due to a lack of nutrition, focusing on a balanced diet is the first step towards improvement. However, combining advanced hair treatment options from Bangkok Hair Clinic into your routine promises a more effective restoration result.

Don’t let dieting and nutrient deficiencies compromise your hair’s vitality. Contact us today and take the first step towards reclaiming the lush, healthy hair you deserve.

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